As a kid I still remember the anticipation of going to the local ma and pop “Bait Shop” and seeing shelves of baits from Mr. Twister and Uncle Josh Pork Trailers to Hula Poppers and Mepps Spinners plus many others. You couldn’t wait to check out the cooler with trophy fish catches frozen and awaiting their final resting place on someone’s wall after completion by a taxidermist. Times have surely changed since those early days some 40 years ago. With big box stores, online shopping, and social media marketing commonplace today much of our fishing heritage has come and gone.

Still with all that is available today with a swipe on your phone or a click on your desktop to add to your cart. There is still nothing better than hearing the bell above the door ring when you walk into your local bait and tackle store. Here are a few that we encourage people to patronize during their fishing travels.

Guntersville Tackle & Outdoor more commonly known as GTO is family owned and operated by Paul and Jana Ponder. No matter where you are visiting from you will be greeted with a warm personal touch and probably a little ribbing as well. During your next visit to the area, GTO is a must stop for all you fishing and outdoor supplies. Go where the pro’s go you never know who you might find checking out right in front of you.

Be sure to check out the best shop in Wisconsin’s northwoods during you next visit to Villias county. “Northern Highlands Sports” friendly experienced staff will make you feel right at home. They’re not just employees but fishing enthusiasts like you. Along with live bait and a nice selection of rods, reels and tackle you will also find clothing, water sports gear and much more. Located and family owned in Boulder Junction Wisconsin for 45 years.