Green Bay Fishing Consult

Hiring a professional guide is the one of the best ways to learn new water, try new techniques, and make big new catches. But during these uncertain times social distancing or financial concerns may mean you’re not willing to hire and fish with a professional guide. Or maybe you want to bring the family on a fishing vacation. You own your own boat or kayak but don’t know where to start with the endless miles of shoreline and offshore structure Green Bay has to offer.

Positive Fishing Power has the answers to your questions.

We have invested many hours of time on the waters of Green Bay to gain the knowledge needed  for our personal endeavors. And we’re willing to share it with you!

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler, we have something to offer you:

  • Tips and suggestions on where and how to get started
  • Learn to fish programs
  • On the water experience — we’ll work to help you catch fish while you enjoy doing it yourself in your own vessel
  • Guided trips on local waters

We’re serving Door County and Northeastern Wisconsin, an area that’s considered one of the top smallmouth bass fisheries in the country. We also have knowledge on walleye, largemouth, Great Lakes trout, salmon and more.

We want to help you create memories during your next fishing trip, and we’ll offer advice at no cost or far below the price of hiring a professional guide.
We welcome the opportunity to share our passion for fishing — contact us today to see if The PFP Way is the right solution for you!