Season Underway

With the cancelation of some of our upcoming tournaments this May due to the current Covid-19 orders that are in place, we are still pursuing our passion. We want to thank both the Sturgeon Bay Bass Tournament and the Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament for their past events and look forward to fishing them both again in the future.

Here is a look at some of our recent outings

Tips for early season smallmouth success

  • Ever changing weather patterns in early spring can make fishing unpredictable to say the least. Staying mobile and finding pockets of warm water with bottom transitions like gravel to sand or mud to rock etc. can make all the difference. Surface water that is slowly warming this time of year typically gets moved around by prevailing winds and the fish you caught yesterday can be gone today.
  • Becoming proficient in as many techniques as you can will go a long way to increasing your odds. Considering your main objective is to “catch” fish this may not always be a quick solution as some presentations take longer to developing confidence in than others. If you put the time in and you’re patient with a new approach it will pay off in the end. Having the ability to go from throwing a tube jig to a jerk bait may be the difference to catching more fish or the biggest fish in that school.
  • Don’t overlook ultra-shallow water. Some of our best days have occurred fishing in less than 5 feet of water.
  • Be bold! If you are catching fish on a particular bait chances are so are other around you. Fish are not smart but they do get conditioned to our intrusion on their environment. For instances say you are having success with a green pumpkin 3″ paddle tail swimbait and the bite slows a bit. Don’t be afraid to make a drastic change in colors or upsizing to a 5″ this could lead to catching a few more fish and possibly your personal best.

There is no magic equation to success other than spending time on the water and enjoying the pleasure that fishing has to offer. Confidence comes when effort meets results and we are able to realize it.

Stay Safe Enjoy Life!