Helping Others

Fishing through anxiety using when vs what

I was recently having a conversation with a non-fishing friend who wanted to know more about the idea behind Positive Fishing Power. This conversation revolved around the words what and why. What has helped? What made you decide to change? Why do you feel more positive?

I told him that for me the questions made more sense starting with when versus what or why — I guess it’s just more of a personal accomplishment to me this way.

My answer was, “When my attempt at making the bed every morning stopped feeling like a chore and actually became a habit.” But I didn’t mention how long that actually took…

I gave him a few other ways to help create a more positive mindset. He replied that I need to share more of this. I told him for now that most of my posts would be related to fishing topics with a few personal things sprinkled in along the way. I am focused on the passion part of PFP right now.

Yet after thinking about how he appreciated the advice I gave him on what I have done to start becoming more positive, I realized that here I was helping someone that is not nearly as hardcore about fishing as I am. Maybe my idea of making a difference through fishing isn’t crazy after all.

When I formed the idea for Positive Fishing Power I sought advice from family, friends and basically anywhere I could find it. Of all that I received these three things stood out to me: start small, speak from the heart, and stand behind it.

The Journey

So as I begin down what I have been referring to as “The PFP Journey” I will do my best to be as true to those three things as one can. As I share my pursuit of becoming a better person, husband, father and angler hopefully others can take away pieces to help them through their “Journey”. Below are a few things that have helped me.

  • Start by making your bed everyday.
  • Use music to motivate and inspire.
  • Stop blaming your issues/problems on others, even though others may have contributed to them.
  • Talking to yourself in the third person may help to control your emotions.
  • Start writing, even if it is just simple thoughts.
  • Find your passion — it has always been there, try to do something to cultivate it every day no matter how insignificant it might be.
  • Don’t blame yourself, it’s just a waste of energy keeping you from your goals. We all have shit, “Get a shovel and deal with it.”
  • Go to bed each night telling yourself it was a good day.

Keep in mind that building a better version of yourself doesn’t happen overnight it will take time and there will be hurdles and setbacks along the way. We have all heard about setting small goals to tackle larger ones — when you aim big you also miss big. I found rewarding myself once a goal was reached gave me more gratification. Like fishing, every day will be different. There is NO perfect way to go about it you just have to be committed, and as a close friend likes to say, “find a way”.

Stay safe and Enjoy Life!

Helps having a loyal companion!