Creating a difference through Fishing

Whether you’re a weekend angler, a pro fisherman or somewhere in between, we all have good and bad days on the water. And occasionally we get those special days. In some ways fishing is no different than life.

The idea for Positive Fishing Power (PFP) began as a method to becoming a better angler. During this process I discovered that I was becoming more positive about life.

My love for fishing developed at a young age during family vacations, even though it was limited to a few weeks each summer. Fishing has been a pastime that I have continued to this day. However it wasn’t until the past year that I truly realized that what I considered a “pastime” was actually a passion. I like to say that I let “life get in the way” not in a regrettable sense but more as a matter of fact. Once I rediscovered the joy and happiness of those days long ago I started to understand all the things that were truly important in my life. Prioritizing and keeping things in perspective has allowed me to become a better husband and father as well as becoming more confident in my strengths and more willing to accept my faults.

In closing I hope that you follow along in the coming weeks and months as I begin to use Positive Fishing Power to claim confidence and maintain success in upcoming tournaments and everyday life. The goal is making the bad days better, the good days great and the special days more memorable.